Mors a Jouets Chemise shawl 140


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Product description

Shawl in cashmere and silk with hand-rolled edges (70% cashmere, 30 % silk).

Printed on our iconic cashmere and silk material, this giant scarf is supple, light and easy to wear. It’s the ideal companion for wrapping up on cold days.

Made in France

Designed by Henri d'Origny

Measures 55" x 55"

The story behind

The Mors à Jouets design by Henri d’Origny is a Hermès equestrian classic. “Mors à jouets” is the French term for a type of breaking snaffle. Placed in the horse’s mouth and connected to the reins for steering, it has dangling beads that help the animal to salivate and keep its mouth relaxed. In Mors à Jouets Chemise, the original design is decorated with a pinstripe pattern taken from men’s cotton shirts.

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